Immersion in the realms of blogs has given me many varied experiences; most of them I could say have been of fondest memories.

In the passage of time, I could at most reduce all of these thoughts for online consumption into three, which are herein given links for you, dear chance reader.

Viole(n)t Mugs (2007)
An idea born in 2007, a departure from my petty blogs in earlier years. The most personal of them all – a concoction of views, thoughts, opinions, and emotional outbursts from the sciences, life itself, politics, music, and every day activities. Originally titled ‘Over A Cup of (Instant) Coffee’, the present name was inspired by a broken violet mug from which I used to drink my coffee and by some bitter and oftentimes violent recollections of the events that revolve around a seemingly simple mug given to me as a gift.

Back Trails (2009)
A tandem of travel recollections and the desire to incorporate and share historical tidbits to people. The blog relays my travels, most of them not so far from my hometown, yet does not forget to squeeze in details from our own past, and thoughts that come with one’s wanderings.

Kamalayan (2010)
Isinilang bilang hamon na bigyang katuturan, katarungan, at sigla ang wikang Filipino, na sa gitna ng pagsasalo ng iba’t ibang mga kultura ay nasa bingit ng pagkawala sa alon ng mga panglabas na mga pangyayari. Isang aminadong baguhang pakikipagsapalaran sa pagsulat, na patutungkol sa literatura, musika, at sining ng mga Pilipino, bago man ito o mula pa sa nakaraan.

Welcome to a part of my world!

Francis Emralino
Fifth, Twenty Ten

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